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Experiment 11: "Orange" Ink Tests Part III

Up to this point, these orange ink tests have largely focused on orange/ yellow tones. Today, we move towards the red end of the spectrum with not two, but three more "orange" inks. I knew that the Franklin Christoph Philly Ink was somewhere in the red/ orange range, so I thought it would be perfect to pair against two "fall-colored" inks from Diamine. 


 Experimental Test Subjects

Ink 1: Diamine Autumn Oak

Ink 2: Diamine Ancient Copper

Ink 3: Franklin-Christoph Philly Limited Edition '17

Experimental Variables

Pen 1: TWSBI Diamond 580 (1.1 Stub)

Pen 2: Ryan Krusac Legend (MCI)

Pen 3: Sailor Pro Gear (MF Nib)

Experimental Conditions

Paper 1: Tomoe River

Paper 2: Rhodia

Paper 3: Watercolor

Results in Pictures:

Another shot of Franklin Christoph Philly Ink in Action

Another shot of Franklin Christoph Philly Ink in Action

Results in Words:

Orange Vs. Red:  Of all the inks I have scanned in for review so far, these were by far the most difficult to capture in terms of accurate color representation. The autumn oak is slightly more red-toned than the scans show. And for the Franklin Christoph- the scans just don't do the ink justice. It is definitely a red-based orange, but the scans bring out the red more heavily than it actually appears on the paper. I added an extra photo of the ink in action that is more true to the actual hue.

Is it more red or more orange? I still can't decide! Either way, it's basically an autumn sunset on paper. Can't go wrong with that. 

Compare/ Contrast: First of all, all three of these inks are an excellent value when you compare the price and performance to other inks I have tested. Unless the ink is pooled heavily on the paper, there is not much sheen to be found, but all three inks have some pretty stellar other qualities in my opinion. The light-to-dark shading of Autumn Oak is particularly striking especially in broader nibs. The shading of the Ancient Copper is less dramatic, but I really enjoyed the rich dark wine color of the ink overall. After testing it for several days, I would absolutely consider loading it into my work pen as a variation on my typical blue-black. 

Winning Combination: The Philly Pen Show is still traveling in my Ryan Krusac Legend. It's not the typical standard orange I would use as a go-to, but there is a depth to the unique orange-to-red shading in this ink, especially in the cursive italic nib, that really draws me to it. 

On deck: It's time to sing the blues. 

A look back at the 7 orange shades featured in ink tests so far. 

A look back at the 7 orange shades featured in ink tests so far.