Introducing a New Series: Stationery Stops!

I'm excited to announce a new on-going, long-term series to Inkpothesis....

Stationery Stops. 

The idea for this series has been brewing for several months. This year has afforded me the opportunity to travel to some of the stationery meccas of the United States. I've met passionate entrepreneurs, creators, and collectors. I've seen some amazing shop set-ups. And of course, I've brought home a number of goods. Now it's finally time to start documenting and sharing the details of those journeys (and more) here.

We're going coast...


to coast.


We're visiting fan favorites.


And hidden treasures.


Rural art shops.




Book stores.


Wherever stationery-related goods are created, curated, and sold- we're going there. I'll share photos, stories, products, and even interviews.

We might even be coming to your backyard with the help of a few of my stationery friends.

Have a stationery stop I should visit or you want to share with the world? Get in touch!

And in the meantime, hide your wallet- we're headed to New York City starting next weekend.