Experiment 14: March Madness- The Pencil/ Pen Edition

Selection Sunday, arguable one of the best days of the year (especially in Indiana), has come and gone. This year, I thought it would be fun to create an analog March Madness bracket as well. The NCAT (National Committee of Analog Tools) has completed the selections, and the pen and pencil matchups are ready to be announced. 

The rules and selection criteria were as follows: 

Sixty-four total pens and pencils are included in the bracket- 16 Dipped/Capped pencils make up the East Region, 16 Eraser-ed pencils make up the West Region, 16 Blue Pens make up the the Midwest Region, and 16 Black Pens make up the South Region. The selections were first made based on availability. Clearly, I needed to own the pencil or pen for it to be able to included. Secondly, I wanted some variety, but also some consistency. For example, I tried to stick with similar grades across pencils, and similar line widths across pens. In terms of seeding, each pen or pencil was seeded based on market expectations (aka price). There is no perfect way to equalize the price for each item, and as with any sports bracket, the seeds are not perfectly fair in all cases (ex. pencil prices based on a pencil set vs. individual pencil price). However, when possible I tried to get a majority of the prices from market leaders and experts: Cw Pencils and Jet Pens. I created an AirTable with a detailed listing of all 64 contestants (drumroll please...):


Follow along here at Inkpothesis to see which pens/pencils make deep runs into April.

And finally most importantly, the matchups are below: 

The East Region: Dipped/ Capped Pencils


The West Region: Eraser-ed Pencils


The Midwest Region: Blue Pens


The South Region: Black Pens


In celebration of the bracket, Inkpothesis is hosting it's very first giveaway. The winner will be selected at random and will receive a selection of the pens/ pencils selected for the bracket (Including the Final Four!) as well as a few other surprises (open to CONUS and international contestants). Contest is open until Saturday April 1st. 

To enter:

1) Comment on the post below with the four pens/ pencils you believe should reach the Final Four!

2) Receive an additional entry for following Inkpothesis on Twitter.

Good luck and Happy March Madness!