Experiment 7: Orange Series Ink Tests Part II

Time for Part II of the Orange Ink Tests. We've got two Sailors up to bat...


Experimental Test Subjects

Ink 1: Sailor Kin-Mokusei

Ink 2: Sailor Bungubox Fresh Oranges of Lake Hamana

Experimental Variables 

Pen 1: Vintage Montblac (Flex Nib)

Pen 2: Vintage Parker 51 (Factory Stub Nib)

Pen 3: TWSBI Vac Mini (F Nib)

 Experimental Conditions

Paper 1: Tomoe River

Paper 2: Rhodia

Paper 3: Watercolor

Results in Pictures: 

Sheen: Top is Kin-Mokusei/ Bottom is Fresh Oranges

Sheen: Top is Kin-Mokusei/ Bottom is Fresh Oranges

Results in Words: 

The Nib Matters: I'm not sure even the scans show how drastically different these inks appear across these three different nib types. The flex nib shows off the dark red/orange tones, while the vintage stub shows off more of the yellow undertones. Meanwhile, the fine nib looks most...well...orange.

Sheen: Both of these inks also have some amount of sheen. The sheen is mostly only on the Tomoe River Paper, but there is a little to be found on both the Rhodia and the Watercolor ink swabs. Even though you can't tell the difference in the photos/ scans, the sheen for the Kin-Mokusei is almost pink, while the Fresh Oranges sheen is more of a dark red. 

Compare/ Contrast: The Kin-Mokusei is significantly brighter orange especially in the side-by-side swabs. When you get down to the fine nibs, however, it is hard to tell the difference. 

Winning Combination: I could write with either one of these inks in that vintage stub nib every single day. For me, it is here where the shading and readability hit the perfect balance, and I think the effect in a fine or medium cursive italic would likely be similar. 

On deck: A Tribe of Diamine Oranges