The Backstory

Being a Ph.D. student in today's world requires a significant amount of screen time. Don't get me wrong; I appreciate my digital tools as much as the next millennial.  On any given day, I may even borderline on a techie.

But the more the digital realm encompasses my life, the more I find myself in need of an analog reprieve.

It is by technology that I survive my day-to-day, but it also by technology that a part of me seems to die. It's something about the ease and visibility of the digital that makes me simultaneously more likely to criticize others' faults and hide my own away. It's something about the overwhelming amount of information and entertainment available that makes me simultaneously more likely to obsess over other's lives and disengage from my own.

I don't want to live behind the numbing safety of a screen. I want to start my days with wild creativity. I want to end my days with intentional reflection. 

I don't want to be known for glazed-over distracted living. I want to give my energy to wide-eyed wonder. I want to spend my time on intentional investment in something that's real. 

There are thousands of ways to do this. 

But one simple starting place that has always made sense to me is a blank page.

There is something about putting pen to page that gives me... pause. And in today's efficiency-obsessed, information-overloaded world- pause is something we could all use a little more of in our lives.

This blog is the outlet and output of my decision to make time for more blank pages in my life. 

I'll take processes like journaling and doodling and experiment with adding them to my life. Sometimes those tests will result in deep pondering about life and the place of analog in it. Other times the result will be light-hearted tests comparing different analog tools. 

Whatever they are, they will be my attempt to do less mindless observation and more actual using these analog things that I have always loved so much.

Maybe you'll be inspired to find your own, unique brand of digital detox.